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Army Life, Clothing, & weapons of the Corps of Discovery.

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During the years 1803 to 1806 President Thomas Jefferson sent an official U.S. Army expedition across the North American continent. Although many aspects of the Lewis and Clark Expedition have been written about, the material objects worn and carried by its members have not received much attention. This book describes military life at the time of Lewis and Clark, individual items of clothing they used, and the weapons and equipment that made their trek a success.

Robert J. Moore, Jr. has used materials in archives and museums to locate and verify what the men wore, and Michael Haynes has painted and sketched a rich new version of the expedition based upon painstaking research. Items of Indian clothing and the wardrobes of interpreters and the French boatmen give a full picture of the many cultures that composed and influenced the Corps of Discovery. Weapons and accessories round out this complete record of what the expedition wore — and why.

ISBN – 1-56037-238-9

288 Pages

Farcountry Press, 2003