The Indian How Book


For anyone with little or no knowledge of the American Indian, this book will be a revelation and a challenge to our modern way of life. When it comes to getting closer to the land in body or in spirit, there is no better teacher than the American Indian.

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How did the Indians do things? How did they make their canoes, tipis, traps, bark lodges, and war bonnets? How did they treat women, marry, talk, dance, and dress? How did they hunt, use the peace pipe, perform the sun dance, make magic, gather medicine, and send signals? Each of the 74 sections are on how the Indians did something and are a fascinating and revealing exposition of Indian lore including many little-known facts

You will learn the true behavior of Indians, such as: how they were not taciturn (as seen in movies) but laughed and joked much of the time; how many Indians were not nomadic hunters but settlers who got most of their food from farming; and how, in general, Indians were not savages but native Americans who had a culture of their own with an educational system that practiced learning by doing, with respect for animals and the land, a religious belief in the spirits of the other world, and a veneration of the values of courage, integrity, honor and generosity.

ISBN – 978-0-486-21767-3

335 Pages

Dover Publications, 1975