The Truth about Sacajawea


The Truth about Sacajawea is an accurate paraphrase of the journal accounts that mention Sacajawea or “the Spar,” as she was often called. This entry-by-entry approach allows readers to experience what the explorers wrote about Sacajawea. Between the journal account is a short commentary and brief synopsis of events that took place between the entries.

The concise, clear, and accurate account of the twenty-one months Sacajawea spent with Lewis and Clark is a reliable picture of this quietly resourceful teenager and the enormous contributions she made to this famous expedition.

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Sacajawea made a great contribution during the travel by The United States Army’s Corps of Discovery and their history making exploration of our continent west of the Mandan/Hidatsa villages to the Pacific Ocean.

She was adept at finding food. She was a symbol to native warriors that the expedition was a peaceful party of travelers. She was helpful as a source of information about the land from the Three Forks area to the Lemhi Valley. However, it is clear that her main contribution was as an interpreter when the expedition was in dire need of horses and a guide to make the critical traverse of the mountains before winter shut them off.

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