Dreams on the Green: Seven Mile River Ranch


Dreams on the Green : Seven Mile River Ranch

Stunning beauty, huge landscapes, abundant wildlife, the sounds of water, birds and blue skies.

The Seven Mile River Ranch is a rich treasure for western Wyoming and Sublette County. Its beauty is unparalleled, along with its history. The vision of its owners and willingness to ensure its future as a fishing and wildlife paradise is recognized.

The book has 188 images that encompasses the four seasons which are separate and distinct from each other.

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The Seven Mile River Ranch is one of a kind. It is unique in western Wyoming and the western United States. No where else has such an incredible piece of land been preserved in this manner.

Through the efforts of its owners and managers it remains an unspoiled and pristine natural wildlife preserve and fishing haven. The ranch contains over seven miles of the famed Green River, a section of Horse Creek and other minor tributaries of the Green River. It has been conserved through conservation easements with strong provisions encouraging its owners to leave the ranch as it exists today.

It is also the home to six of the original Green River Rendezvous conducted between 1824-40. This event brought together trappers/mountain men, native Americans and the fur trade companies to trade, barter and celebrate. Thousands upon thousands of participants attended these events on the ranch properties nearly two hundred years ago.

The ranch is a beautiful parcel of about 3,300 acres and this book is designed to showcase that beauty and recognize the efforts of the owners to preserve and enhance this treasure for future generations.

ISBN – 978-1-6629-2149-0

195 Pages

Gatekeeper Press, 2022