From Sand Hills to Forests and Mountains


The Stories in this book are about the ways e lived in the Upper Green River Valley, in the early days starting in 1917. How we worked, our recreation and things in general.

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Harold Showers writes a matter-of-fact memoir, but many today would find his early life in the 1920’s and 1930’s on the Upper Green River of western Wyoming exotic and primitive. As a child and young man, Harold witnessed the power of weather, vast distance, wild animals, illness and plain hard times – things that could make a man question his own survival and fear for his family.

But whether trapping for mink, leading hunters into the high peaks, packing the mail by dogsled or enjoying a Sunday picnic with fresh-caught trout and homemade ice cream, Harold and his family also managed to experience the very best a life in the mountains can offer.

Harold’s down-to-earth approach doesn’t keep him from expressing the awe and wonder he felt in the Wyoming wilderness. This book is not only a record of what it took to hang on in the Kendall Valley, but also a testimony by an early day settler who loved the land because he knew it so well.

ISBN – 0-9768113-4-0

171 Pages

Bear Print Press, 1988

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