Last Rides – Cowboys, Indians, Generals and Chiefs


The legacies of the early photographers of the American west

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This book presents the closing days of America’s untamed West as lived and recorded through the lens of three of the best-known photographers of the era: David Francis Barry, John C.H. Grabill, and L.A. Huffman. These men knew Custer and the 7th Cavalry, as well as the leaders of the Native people who fought valiantly to preserve their lands and their historic way of life.

Through the publication of their work, the photographs these men took gave people from coast to coast a realistic and sometimes spectacular image of what was happening on the frontier as the relentless waves of immigrants swept westward in search of land, gold, and new lives.

ISBN – 978-1-941052-32-7

256 Pages

Prong Horn Press, 2018