Life of George Bent


This book provides a rare, authentic view of what happened, as the Cheyenne, Arapaho, and Sioux saw it.

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George Bent was in his sixties in 1905 when he began exchanging letters with George E. Hyde of Omaha. The son of William Bent, one of the founders of Bent’s Fort on the Arkansas, and Owl Woman, a Cheyenne, Bent had lived and fought as a Cheyenne warrior. In his letters, he wrote about his life at the fort, his experiences with his Cheyenne kinsmen, and the events that finally led to the military suppression of the Indians on the southern Great Plains.

This correspondence, which continued to the eve of Bent’s death in 1918, serves as the backbone of the singular narrative presented here. Bent’s engrossing account offers an eyewitness view of Cheyenne life and action after the Sand Creek Massacre of 1864, which cost the lives of many of Bent’s friends and relatives.

ISBN: 978-0-8061-1577-1

389 Pages

University of Oklahoma Press, 1979