Plenty-Coups: Chief of the Crows


This book allows the readers to appreciate more fully the accomplishments and rich legacy of Plenty-coups.

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In his old age, Plenty-coups (1848-1932), the last hereditary chief of the Crow Indians, told the moving story of his life to Frank B. Linderman, the well-known western writer who had befriended him. Plenty-Coups is a classic account of the nomadic, spiritual, and warring life of Plains Indians before they were forced into reservations. Plenty-coups tells of the great triumphs and struggles of his own life: his powerful medicine dreams, marriage, raiding and counting coups against the Lakotas, fighting alongside the U.S. Army, and the death of General Custer.

ISBN – 978-0-8032-8018-2

194 Pages

University of Nebraska Press, 1930